ghararasharara - Took $5000 dollars from me and no product recieved

Arima, Arima 1 comment
Not resolved contacted me about a month ago when i was looking for my wedding outfit.they emailed me everytime i emailed them no matter what time and i found this strange as they were based in india and i live in trinidad so the time difference was huge.

but i thought it meant they were a good company. I payed them $5000 dollars of my money for my bridal outfit and guess what? they stopped emailing me.

they also had a number i contacted them at and when i contacted them about 3 times asking where my outfit was they disconnected their phone.please be warned.

Review about: Lehenga Choli.



After making an inquiry it was found that the complaint is wrong and a lie. The order was of USD 700 for a bridal outfit which was already delivered to the above customer by DHL . The DHL shipment tracking number is: 1332597932. Anybody can check it on

It's quite disappointing that this type of purposeful site has been misused by many people and competitors to damage the goodwill of a company. They write fake complaints to damage the company goodwill.

Every complaint on this site is not true. We advice all the members to not to publish wrong complaints on this site. Strong legal action can be take for wrong complaints.

Note: Instead of believing on this kind of wrong complaints the customer should directly talk to the company for any doubt.

Legal Team

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